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Starting from December of the year 2011, 'Research on Animation Society for Korea' was finally registered in 'National Research Foundation of Korea'.

There is no doubt that regardless of the difficulties we've been through, such accomplishments are the results of the service and dedication of our members, and the constant support of former presidents and directors.

The Animation Society of Korea (ASKO) has been founded in March, 2005 to promote animation as an independent subject of academic study and publish journals on animation. ASKO holds seminars and conferences on a regular basis for the establishment of animation as a subject that is studied using scientific methods and for the development of the animation industry. Moreover ASKO strives to accumulate academic achievements through actively participating in international animation events while delivering animation to the wider public and taking the lead in the transition of paradigms in terms of experimental New Media.

In this new decade, in order to meet the demands of the new generations as a creative society, ASKO will reinforce its identity and extend its competency in the field as the representative society of Korean animation.

ASKO will endeavor to develop the society through academic research, exchange of information and educational activities.

As of the promotion of status, ASKO will make the best efforts to become a society and journal with substance that can contribute to the society, industry and animation research. Although, ASKO may lack capability in some parts, obstacles can be overcome by collecting the opinions and wisdom of the executive branch and honorable members.

I anticipate that ASKO will be able to achieve all of the above with the continuous support of all members.

Thank you very much.

March 07 2012

Yoo mi Choi

the 4th President of ASKO