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With the dawn of the 21st century, the government has reaffirmed the importance of digital content. They strategically promote and invest in the digital content industry expecting it to be the central economic force for the future.

It is time that we try more creative approaches in studying and researching animation as we are now facing a new paradigm of images with the advent of New Media represented by animated films. The aesthetics of animation, which is differentiated from live action films, has been newly evaluated in art and industry.

Animation, first introduced to Korea in the late 1950s, grew to form an industry in the 1980s. Then it made Korea one of the three greatest animation creators in the world. The commercial success the animation industry made led the government to bringing up policies beneficial for activating the industry. The 1990s, with the importance of animation settling deeper in, saw various animation festivals launched and full-scale researches and studies in relation with the festivals continued. There are more people who study animation as an academic subject now than ever. Accordingly animation academies and businesses have been created and flourished.

On account of aforementioned development, the status of animation as a culture and an industry found a new level in the 20th century: from a mere union of comics and live action films to an independent form of art which deserves a full attention to be analyzed and studied.
Therefore Animation Society of Korea has been established to analyze the unique influence of animation on various industries, further explore its artistic potential and respond many social and strategic needs for animation. For the public that has ever- changing needs for cultural content and for the government that needs specialized knowledge to set up a realistic vision for the country, ASKO is dedicated to researching and studying the present and future of image industries, especially animation. Our missions reflect the socio-economic needs of the nation. They are:

  1. promote animation as an independent subject of academic study
  2. publish journals on animation and hold seminars and conferences on a regular basis for the establishment of animation as a subject that is studied using scientific methods and the development of the animation industry.
  3. accumulate academic achievements through actively participating in international animation events while delivering animation to the wider public and taking the lead in the transition of paradigms in terms of experimental New Media.

In the light of growing importance of the animation industry as a new economic engine for the country, we realize all the knowledge related to animation should be put together in a more systemic and professional way. We will whole-heartedly support every person participates in the course of completing our missions. We hope the efforts we make here at ASKO will contribute to creating a better future of the nation.